Fields of Research

Solid State Physics, Crystallography, Biomedical Materials, X-Ray Diffraction, High TSuper-conductors, Nano-materials, Scanning electron microscopy, Energy Materials

Research Projects

  1. Preparation of Si3N4 based technical ceramics (1997-2000), financed by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.
  2. Development of Industrial and Engineering Ceramics, (1998-2001), financed by University Grants Commission, Islamabad.
  3. Plasma Processing of Materials and Phase Changes using dense Plasma Focus, (2000), Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in collaboration with Prof. G. Murtaza.
  4. Development of Brighteners (Organic Compounds) for Metal Electroplating. Co-Investigator, HEC approved project, 2004.
  5. Establishment of Experimental facilities for fabrication and characterization of functional nano-ceramics at Centre for Solid State Physics, University of the Punjab, Lahore, worth 38.533 m, has been awarded to me as Project Director by HEC (2008-11).
  6. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Bio-Ceramics for Orthopedic Applications, NRPU, HEC, PROJECT worth Rs. 4.44 million as Principal Investigator (2014-2016) at IRCBM, COMSATS IIT Lahore.
  7. Preparation of Biomaterials from Natural Resources,IRCBM funded (2012-2015)
  8. Hydroxyapatite/polymer scaffolds, IRCBM funded (2011-2016).
  9. Preparation and Characterization of Biomaterials by Electro Spinning Technique, IRCBM funded (2011-2016).
  10. Preparation of Biomaterials from Natural Marine Resources, IRCBM funded (2012-2016).
  11. Deposition of bioceramic coatings onMetallic Substrates Using Dip Coating Electrophoretic and Blasting Techniques for the Application in Biomedical Implants, COMSATS funded 0.2million.
  12. Nano-ceramic composites for Biological Applications, IRCBM funded (2015-2017)
  13. Hydrothermal Coatings on Mg alloys containing Ca as an alloying element, Co P.I., CIIT funded, 0.2 million.